Queer Memoir Storytelling Series: Grief

Visit https://queenslibrary.aviaryplatform.com/r/833mw28q6r for a recording of this event. NYC’s longest-running most stunningly earnest award-winning LGBT storytelling show is teaming up with The Queens Public Library, the Queens Memory Project and the Reimagine festival for a special event!

From ashes thrown on the White House lawn, to hanging chandeliers in the ICU to open mic funerals, the LGBT community has often demonstrated unique and powerful ways to celebrate and mourn our dying and dead. In this Queer Memoir we’ll share personal narratives to demonstrate not only the lessons we’ve learned dealing with the individual and collective impact of loss to HIV/AIDS, suicide and trauma but also our less tangible but just as real losses of families and faith communities.

Queer Memoir is a multi-venue all ages LGBT storytelling series; our aim is to give voice to our collective queer experiences as well as preserve and document our complex queer history.

LGBT people have a long tradition of–as Paul Monette writes– “fall[ing] in love anyway, embracing between the bombs” and we have plenty of hard-earned wisdom to share beyond our community that can help, inspire and inform the COVID-19 pandemic.

A partial list of storytellers include:

Carolyn Bergier

Morgan H Goode

Kat Libby

Ada Cheng

Hosted by Kelli Dunham


Jun 13 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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