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The award-winning Queens Memory Podcast brings you a new 10-episode season, “Our Major Minor Voices,” featuring stories from Queens’ diverse Asian American communities in their own voices. The season includes eight bilingual episodes in some of the most widely spoken Asian languages in Queens: Bangla, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Nepali, Tagalog, Tibetan, and Urdu. Click here to view the photos from the live listening events. Scroll down to access episodes!

In 2017, the Queens Memory team began exploring how podcasting could help us participate in contemporary local and global conversations through the lens of personal narrative. We know that an individual’s lived experience is an affective, undeniable way into the truth of complex social issues. Our first season drew entirely from our existing oral history interviews with people who settled in Queens from all over the world. Our second season recorded new interviews with Queens residents and highlighted sound and video contributions to our COVID-19 Project as the pandemic unfolded. Each ten-episode season is an enormous education in storytelling, production techniques, and distribution.

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