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Share your Queens Memory. Everyone's Story is Important.

Photo courtesy Mal Walker, circa 1960

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Help us make a lasting record of the people, places, and events of Queens. We invite you to conduct an interview, take a photo, and make a sound or video recording of an area of interest. What kind of record would you like to share with us for the archives?


There are many ways you can help us preserve Queens’ cultural heritage. As a community volunteer, you can help at our community history events, go on assignment to photograph a neighborhood, process oral history recordings, and much more. If you are interested in volunteering, please Contact Us.

Photo courtesy Natalie Milbrodt, 2014
Photo courtesy Guido Garaycochea, April 2017

Attend Our Events

We host public events all over Queens where you can learn something new about your neighborhood, share your own memories, and gain skills to capture your own family and community history.

Interview Someone from Queens

Everyone’s story is important. We want to document diverse life stories in our borough. We provide training and equipment to support our oral historian volunteers who go out to document their families and communities. If you are interested in volunteering, please Contact Us.

Photo courtesy Judy Chu, 2016

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