Organize It Or Lose It: Tips on Saving the Memories You Make on Your Phone

Social media is not an archive, and cloud storage still lives on hard drives somewhere. We are creating thousands of digital photos, videos, and other files without a second thought, but what are you doing to make sure you can find these things later – not one hundred years from now, but in five years? Will you be able to share high school graduation photos when the twenty-year anniversary comes around? When your kid hits eighteen, will you know where the baby videos are? Did you know you can’t download the original photo file you uploaded to Instagram, or that YouTube auto-compresses your videos? This session will cover simple organizing and storage tips to help you keep your important digital files sorted, and easy to find, use, and ready to transfer over when it’s time to get new hard drives or use new software. Audio/visual archivist and preservation expert Marie Lascu will present this helpful workshop for all ages. Watch at


Jan 13 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Queens Memory Facebook page