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We work to document, record and preserve diverse life stories in our borough. There are many ways you can help: assist with a public program, photograph spots around your neighborhood, process oral history transcripts, or record an interview of your own with someone in Queens. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us or attend an upcoming training event to learn more.

Photo courtesy Natalie Milbrodt, 2014
Photo courtesy Mal Walker, circa 1960

Add to Our Collections

Help us make a lasting record of the people, places, and events of Queens by contributing to the Queens Memory Collection at Queens Public Library’s Archives. Use the links below to upload and share your materials with us and ensure they will be accessible to future researchers.

Add to the Name Explorer

We need your help to fill in the gaps on the Name Explorer, our interactive map covering named places across the borough of Queens. Take a look at the map for the places near you. If you would like to add photos or additional biographical information to an entry, or know of other named places that we might have missed, please click the blue “Add/Edit” button at the top of the Name Explorer map.


Collaborate with Queens Memory

We collaborate with local organizations around Queens to bring local history, personal archiving, and story sharing events to community spaces around the borough. You can view examples of past programs on our Projects page. Also, educators are some of our biggest collaborators, if you want to teach Queens Memory in your classroom, we have resources to share and are available to help with planning for a semester long project. To partner with Queens Memory, or get advice on how to lead similar
projects or programs of your own, please contact us.

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