Memory as Time Capsules Workshop Series: Poetry Collage as Memory Altars

In this workshop, Queens artist and poet Sherese Francis will teach participants about collage and assemblage as meditative extensions of our memories, a kind of external hard drive for our minds. We will look at the works of a few collage and assemblage artists and how their works function in this way. Then, we will develop plans to create our own poetry collage memory altars for our neighborhoods. This workshop is part of the Jamaica Flux project, “Art/I/Fact,” which will be a series of time capsule collages inspired by Southeast Queens.

Please register.

This event is for ages 18 and older. The program will not be recorded, but participants are encouraged to contribute their stories and work products from the workshop with the Queens Memory Project.


Dec 15 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm