Palmer Family Christmas
Creator: Richard     Date Created: 12/22/2017

The Palmer Family Christmas is a tradition that started in Princeton, West Virginia in early 1900's. From the union of Clem and Matilda Palmer were Julius, Mary, Roosevelt, Delores, William, and Maceo.
In 1920 Julius married Irene Nobel and from that union were:
Dolwood (Ballard), June(Juno), Thelma, Gladys, Juanita (Nita), Elizabeth (Liz), Mary Delores (Lois), Beatrice(Bea/Bunny), and Josephine (Jo). In the early 1950's the oldest daughters and June moved to New York ,while Julius ,Irene and the younger children remained in West Virginia . Their house caught on fire in 1955 and they deciced to move to Jamaica NY.
By 1957, Julius and Irene moved to Jamaica, Queens. Within a short time, they joined Antioch Baptist Church in the neighborhood. Every year, Christmas was celebrated with dinner and gift giving for family members of all ages. Each daughter brought a specialty dish to the dinner.
This tradition continues and since 1916 the Palmers have always celebrated Christmas together.

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