Ken the Photographer
Creator: Richard     Date Created: 02/15/2017

Ken the Photographer was born Ken Harris in Jamaica, NY. Mr. Harris was in his early teens when his brother, Ptah Hotep, gave him a Canon camera. Mr. Harris took to photography so well that in a few years his photos were on display for an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Mr. Harris also had exhibits at the Queens based Store Front Museum. In 1971 Mr. Harris entered a program for gifted young photographers at the Afro School of the Arts. While entered in the program Mr. Harris also studied graphic arts at Jamaica High School. Mr. Harris, and a few of his classmates, put together a four page pamphlet on the 1969-1970 NBA Champion New York Knicks. The success of that project prompted Mr. Harris to pursue a book entitled “Up South, Down North” with fellow classmate Kim Watson that would have combined his photography with her poetry. Due to finances the project was never completed. Soon afterwards Mr. Harris abandoned photography. In 1995 the Million Man March was assembled at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Mr. Harris had decided to attend the march with the sole purpose of atonement. Once again inspired by his older brother, Ptah, Mr. Harris decided to bring his camera to take photos of the historic event. Mr. Harris’ photos were so good that they were featured in the Million Man March calendar produced by Edna M. Swan and Robbie Garrison for Blackcast Entertainment. Catching the photography bug again Mr. Harris has taken photos of many notable people in the various fields of music, theatre, and government. Mr. Harris is married to Cynthia Horner, a well-known author, editor, and entrepreneur. A program highlighting the photographs of Mr. Harris was held at the Long Island City Library on Thursday May 7, 2015.

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