Historypin is a place for people to share photos and stories, telling the histories of their local communities. Queens Memory began collaborating with Historypin in 2013 when the New York Metropolitan Library Council awarded them a grant to develop the Queens: Neighborhood Stories project page on Historypin. At that time, the Queens Memory website did not have a way to solicit online contributions from Queens residents, but by creating a special project page on Historypin, anyone could contribute family photos and even links to videos on the Historypin map. These materials will then be available for selective ingest into the digital archives at Queens Library. This launched a number of collaborative projects including the creation of walking tours around Queens and work on an IMLS funded project called Memories of Migration, a several month program series celebrating Chinese American communities in Queens. Project Archivist Yingwen Huang conducted oral history interviews and public programs in Mandarin and Cantonese to solicit participation from elderly Chinese immigrants whose stories are not robustly documented in the Archives at Queens Library.