Graduate School of Library and Information Studies

Queens Memory began in 2010 as an Independent Study project by Natalie Milbrodt while she was enrolled in the Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Studies. When the project won a Collaborative Digitization grant from the Metropolitan New York Library Council, Queens Library joined with Queens College to support and expand the project into a permanent program operated from the Queens Central Library in Jamaica. Queens College remains the program's closest partner and the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies students and faculty are at the center of this relationship. The school has coordinated many practicums, assignments and opportunities for exchange and collaboration with Queens Memory. Selected GSLIS students participate in the competitive two-semester Citi Center for Culture + Queens Library Fellowship program where they contribute to processing oral histories, photographs and other materials contributed by Queens Memory participants. Fellows have also conducted special year-long projects such as creating public exhibits, online walking tours, and materials for oral history workshops.